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    The Cubeletto of Rapallo. The cubeletto is a dessert of the Rapallina tradition, composed of soft shortcrust pastry with a quince heart. CUBELETTI. The cubeletti or gobeletti are shortbread desserts filled with fruit jam, generally quinces. They have the shape of small baskets, made up of special molds. Traditional specialty of some Ligurian towns such […]

  • Zoagli


    Zoagli is a small village nestled between the coastal towns of Rapallo and Chiavari in the Gulf of Tigullio, east of Genoa. We discover Zoagli Along the Aurelia, between Rapallo and Chiavari, there is a seaside village that cannot be seen from the road but losing it would be a shame: Zoagli.Arriving by car from […]

  • christ of the abyss

    christ of the abyss

    The statue of Christ of the Abyss was placed in the seabed of the Bay of San Fruttuoso in the Park of Monte di Portofino, in August 1954. CRISTO DEGLI ABISSI / THE CHRIST OF ABYSS The 2.50 meter high statue was made of bronze by the sculptor GUIDO GALLETTI, from an idea by DUILIO […]

  • Hello TigullioGulf

    Hello TigullioGulf

    The Gulf of Tigullio populated since pre-Roman times by the population of the Tigulli, from which it takes its name, experienced one of the periods of maximum development during the dominion of the Republic of Genoa, during which it became the seat of the capitulati of Chiavari and Rapallo and the podesterias of Sestri Levante […]

  • William Marconi

    William Marconi

    GUGLIELMO MARCONI – (1874 – 1937)He stayed for a long time in the Gulf Tigullio, also called Gulf Marconi (in his honor), where he was able to carry out numerous important experiments in the field of communication. It was from his ideas that the first great means of mass communication would develop: radio. Marconi in […]

  • Dragut, the Turkish pirate

    Dragut, the Turkish pirate

    Dragut, assalto del pirata turco a Rapallo. L’anno dopo, nel 1550, iniziĆ² la costruzione dell’Antico Castello