Coin N.S. Montallegro

The "Moneta" Remembrance / Souvenir "Mone
y" The Square dN.S. by MONTALLEGR

Ocon historical card / with historical no
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N.s. by Montallegro

N.s. by Montallegro
The Madonna of Montallegro (mistress of Rapallo and its s
urroundings)On a mountain of Rapallo, named Montallegro, appeared to the farmer Giovanni Chichizola the Virgin Mary smiling among a court of Angels.
It was noon on Friday, July 2, 1557.
Since then, every year in July Our Lady is revered with celebrations, processions and the famous shootings of rapallo's sexieri.
The Mother of God is revered under the name of Madonna of Montalle
gro." Go and to the Rapallesi that I want to be hono
red here." Our Lady of Montallegro has been the Patron of the City of Rapallo since 1739, when she was elected as the Protector of the Rapallese community and her
Capitaneato.Il the Shrine of Montallegro preserves within it the Icon on wooden tablet depicting the " Sleeping Virginis", left on 2 July 1557 by Our Lady in his appearance to the farmer Giovanni Chichizola.

The Remembrance Coin has on the back the reproduction of t
he ITALIAPackaged in blister with historical card with information in Italian and Engl
ishFanno part of the collection other coin
s:– La Piazzetta di PORTOFIN
A– N.S. montaLLEGRO (Master of Rapallo and surrou
ndings)- RapALLO Castle

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4.90 euros