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  • Torta Pasqualina

    Torta Pasqualina

    Genoese Pasqualina cake Pasqualina is a savory cake typical of the Genoa area: it is baked in the oven and filled with vegetables, eggs and prescinseua typical Genoese cheese. Its flavor has exceeded the boundaries of the city of Genoa and is well known throughout Liguria. The name already explains the occasion and the time […]

  • Trofie with pesto

    Trofie with pesto

    Trofie, an ancient pasta The recipe for trofie is typical of traditional Ligurian cuisine.The basic dough is prepared with durum wheat semolina, water and salt.Trofie are a pasta that Ligurian women have always made at home, thanks to the fact that only three ingredients are needed to prepare them: water, semolina and salt.Trying to make […]

  • Farinata genoese

    Farinata genoese

    Farinata genovese Chickpea Farinata, also called “Fainà de çeixi or Turtelassu” in Genoa and Savonese, is a savory preparation, similar to a cake with a very thin and tasty dough. The mixture generally consists of chickpea flour, oil and salt, which is then cooked in a wood oven in circular tinned copper trays. Farinata di […]

  • Genoese Pesto

    Genoese Pesto

    Homemade Genoese pesto, the tips for a tasty preparation „Pesto, what goodness! Genoese pesto is mainly used as a condiment for pasta dishes such as trophies, gnocchi, or the famous lasagna. “ Ingredients: 2 clove of garlic, a bunch of coastal basil (otherwise it would take on the taste of mint), 1/2 hg. of grated […]

  • Genoese cake

    Genoese cake

    Il Pandolce genovese / genoese Cake, is a typical Christmas cake from Liguria: here is the easy recipe for this dessert stuffed with candied citrus, raisins and pine nuts. Ingredients: One Kg of flour, 1 hectogram of yeast, 250 gr. of butter, 300 g. sugar, 200 g. sultana raisins, 100 g. of zibibbo, 50 g. […]

  • Salsa di Noci (ing)

    Salsa di Noci (ing)

    walnuts sauce

  • Sciacchetrà, five lands

    Sciacchetrà, five lands

    The Cinque Terra Sciacchetrà is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in some municipalities of the province of Spice. The term “Sciacchetrà” (or Sciachetrà), with which it is marketed and now everywhere known, is attested only towards the end of the nineteenth century. It seems that one of the first to use it was […]

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil

    The Ligurian extra virgin olive oil is one of the excellent products of Liguria, protected by a DOP brand together with the typical Ligurian basil, the one with which the Genoese pesto is created: in both cases it is not just simple fruits of the earth, but real symbols of the Ligurian and Italian regional […]

  • Linguine anchovies and pine nuts

    Linguine anchovies and pine nuts

    Anchovies are among the most common fish and dishes prepared in Genoa with such species of fish are often considered to be of poor cuisine; yet the characteristically salty taste adapts to every course, from the appetizer to the second. This is the recipe for anchovies and pine nuts linguine. INGREDIENTS 400g linguine 70g lightly […]

  • Shrimp in a pan

    Shrimp in a pan

    The SHRIMPS IN PANThe local cuisine always offers dishesof fresh sh, brought each morning by local shermen, especially the excellent red prawns of Santa Margherita, the most popular and tasty prey of this stretch of coast, for which the IGP was awarded the protected indication of origin. Ingredients: 1 kg of imperial prawns of S. […]