The Cinque Terra Sciacchetrà is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in some municipalities of the province of Spice.

Five Lands

The term “Sciacchetrà” (or Sciachetrà), with which it is marketed and now everywhere known, is attested only towards the end of the nineteenth century.
It seems that one of the first to use it was the macchiaiolo painter Telemaco Signorini, who, in his memoir Riomaggiore, recalling the many summers spent in the village of Cinque Terre, states that “in September, after the harvest, the best grapes in the sun to get the sciaccatras.”

Etymology: the word comes from the verb “sciacàa” (crushing), used to indicate the operation of pressing grapes.

It will sloppiness, it is a passive wine produced in the Cinque Terre from grapes that come from the famous terraces. In addition to boasting a thousand-year history and being known and appreciated all over the world, it has obtained the Designation of Controlled Origin, in addition in recent years it has been recognized as a Slow Food garrison.

Sloppiness, jewel (almost) lost

It is the wine that represents the Cinque Terre, with dizzying scents like the coast falling straight into the sea, but the Sciacchetrà is at risk of extinction. The main reasons are to be found in the difficulty of production and in the lack of commercial interest towards this sweet and laborious pass, which requires balancing skills in the management of the vineyards clinging to the mountain thanks to a system of terraces, often fed to wild boars.

Dry walls to tame nature

Here is the nature that dictates the rules: the rock on which the Cinque Terre rests crumbles under the feet and with a little rain would landslide unhindered to the sea, if the dry stone walls did not hold it. The winemakers have been domesticate this landscape for centuries without anthropizing it, but the problem of abandonment is increasingly urgent. For this reason, the work of winegrowers takes on a double significance: the preservation of an ancient wine tradition and the preservation of the territory.

A short map of the trails of the Cinque Te
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