Farinata genovese

Chickpea Farinata, also called "Fainà de çeixi or Turtelassu" in Genoa and Savonese, is a savory preparation, similar to a cake with a very thin and tasty dough.
The mixture generally consists of chickpea flour, oil and salt, which is then cooked in a wood oven in circular tinned copper trays.

Farinata di ceci

The chickpea porridge is prepared throughout Italy, although in different versions depending on the area of ​​which it is typical; it is known by different names such as socca in piedmont, cecina in Pisa, fainè in Sassari and the ingredients vary from place to place. The original and simplest one is certainly the Genoese chickpea porridge. The ideal would be to cook the porridge in trays in a wood oven, but excellent results are also obtained in the simple electric oven at home.

150 g of chickpea flour,
450 g of water, 60 g of extra virgin olive oil.
A pinch of fine salt.
A sprig of rosemary for decoration

PREPARATION: - Put the chickpea flour in a bowl and pour the water in the center, little by little, mixing carefully.
The dough must be mixed carefully to avoid the formation of lumps, an operation that must be done slowly and very carefully because the flour is homogeneous.

- Salt and let the porridge rest for about 10 hours, the time the foam will have formed.

- Remove the foam from the surface with a slotted spoon.

-Put the oil in the pan and pour the porridge mixing well, so that it absorbs the seasoning.

- Pass it in a very hot oven at 250 ° C for about half an hour, sprinkle it with pepper and serve it cut into pieces

Oil in the pan

Chickpea farinata is a typical dish of Ligurian cuisine with ancient origins very common

Chickpea porridge is excellent to eat at any time of the day, it is healthy and fights against hunger pangs. Ideal for those who want to keep fit. The place for bread is excellent.